2 Bigs + 4 Littles under 1 Midsize Roof = Life As We Know It
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About the Hemmings Half-Dozen

The Hemmings Half-Dozen includes my husband, Shawn, and I, and our four children: Kellen, Kerrick, Kennah and Keillor. We live in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, in a mid-size home that often feels crowded and chaotic. And we love it—most of the time.

What do I write about, exactly? Well, I follow the old rule, “Write what you know.” Which, for me, means writing about my family and my place in it; the things we strive toward and thrive because of (or in spite of); our life experiences; and our hopes, dreams and heart’s desires—from the minuscule to the grandiose. Topics at the top of my list include homeschooling (which is a huge part of our lifestyle), healthy eating (both for optimal nutrition and to accommodate our family’s food allergies) and hobbies (from digital scrapbooking to urban farming).

I hope that as you visit here, you’ll share your own experiences, hopes, dreams and heart’s desires by commenting on the posts that particularly pique your interests.


Just FYI: The rotating photo banners at the top of my site were composed of photographs taken in November 2009 in Lakeside, Arizona, by our friend and fabulous photographer Tawnya Hood. You can see more of her beautiful work at her blog: www.beautyoflifephotography.com/blog.

Because you can only see one photo banner at a time (each time you log on to my site or refresh a page), I thought I’d show them all right here.

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