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Cool School Tools: Latin Binder Setup

Latin Binder

Whew! It’s summer! And although we homeschool year-round, the summer months are definitely more relaxed, as we work our lessons around swim team, vacation Bible school, and trips to visit grandparents. I also have a chance (finally!) to collect my thoughts about the school year that’s just passed and plan for the one to come. We’re finishing up a few loose ends and gathering supplies for a fresh start in the fall.

I’ve already decided that one cool school tool that we’ll be re-using next year is a Latin binder setup that includes the following:

• a 2-inch, three-ring binder (we like the Better Binders from Staples for their durability)
• 18 clear page protectors with a piece of paper or cardstock inside each to use as dividers
• Post-it brand tabs to label and stick to the page protectors (we use large tabs in red, blue, green, yellow, and orange — and small tabs in solid pink, blue, red, light green, orange, and yellow, as well as striped dark green, orange, pink, blue, red, and light green). The small tabs coordinate with the color-coded Latin flash card system that I also use with my middle school and high school students. (To download a free printable with instructions, click here. And to read about another “cool school tool” we use — a flash card kit — click here.)

The contents of the binder are divided into five major sections (we place a supply of notebook paper behind the first three tabs):
• Exercises — Behind this tab, students can write out the answers to assigned exercises.
• Derivatives — Behind this tab, students can record English words that are derived from the Latin words they’re learning.
• Rules/Charts — Behind this tab, students can copy grammar rules to remember and store any helpful Latin charts.
• Quizzes/Exams — Behind this tab, students can keep their quizzes and exams (great for review and tracking grades).
• Vocabulary — Behind this tab come all of the small solid and striped tabs (one for each of the noun/adjective declensions and verb conjugations, as well as pronouns and “other” words; see Kellen’s Latin binder in the photo above for an example).

NOTE: The small green tab labeled “Q et Q” in the photo above marks the page protector in which we keep extra blank parsing sheets. (To download a free printable of the parsing sheet we use, click here. And for more about how we study Latin around our house — including access to my LATIN EXTRAS ebook, click here.)

What about you? How do you use your summer to prepare for the new school year?

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