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Cool School Tools: Flash Card Kit


Although we homeschool pretty much year-round (with a few extended breaks here and there) the school year officially gets under way tomorrow for me and my two biggest Littles. (Truthfully, neither of them can be accurately called Littles anymore: Kerrick is beginning junior high, and Kellen is starting high school. But at least until they’re taller than my 5-foot, 4-inch frame, they’re stuck with the label.) 🙂 We’ll all be heading out the door to join the other families who are a part of our local Classical Conversations community, which meets one day each week — me as a Challenge A director, Kerrick as one of my Challenge A students, and Kellen as a Challenge I student.

A cool school tool I recommend for all of my Challenge A students (who will make a staggering 1,500-plus flash cards this year) is a flash card kit containing the following items:

• a hand-held hole punch (with a fairly large hole)
• 3-inch-by-5-inch index cards (blank on one side, ruled on the other)
• colored pencils (specifically pink, blue, red, orange, light green, dark green, yellow — to coordinate Latin flash cards with the tab colors in their Latin binders, which will be shown in a future post)
• flash card rings (because they don’t tear up the flash cards, we especially like the flexible wire rings with a sliding ball-and-socket clasp that pilots use for their log books)
• a flash card template (an extra flash card — preferably a color, to help distinguish it from the other cards — with a pre-punched hole in the upper left corner and the upper right corner trimmed off at an angle to help them color-code their Latin flash cards; see Kerrick’s terra, terrae card in the photo above for an example)
NOTE: I make a template for each of my students at the beginning of the year and explain how to use it both during our class time and in my ebook, LATIN EXTRAS. Click here for more details.

Students store their supplies in a zippered pouch like the one shown above — or even just a quart-size Ziploc freezer bag.

While our flash card kits are ready to go, we have a few more preparations to wrap up before tomorrow morning. Wish us well, won’t you?

How are you preparing for your school year? What cool tools do you make and use?

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1 Lindsay { 07.26.15 at 4:42 am }

Hello Sonya,
This kit is such a great idea! I will look into the flexible loops (I’d never heard of them), and I will likely tweak our flashcards to use a color-coding system. You mentioned a follow-up post in which you would explain the Latin notebook and color-coding. I cannot find that. I am simply interested in what colors you used (did you use just one for nouns, or multiple colors: one for each declension?). Thank you for sharing your creativity!

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