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Farewell to Prairie

We said a sudden good-bye to one of our guinea pigs, Prairie, yesterday. She was 2 1/2 years old and belonged mostly to Kerrick (holding her in the photo above, taken about 1 1/2 years ago), but we all thought she was pretty cute. We buried her in our backyard next to our pecan tree. Kerrick is heartbroken — which, of course, breaks my heart. Certainly, there are bigger losses in life. But this kind of little loss is tough, too — for Kerrick, because it’s really the first time he has lost something he loves; and for me, because he has so many questions that I can’t answer (“Why did she have to die right now? What made her die? Can’t God bring her back if I ask him to?”). I want so much to handle it the right way. I want him to know that it’s OK to be sad that she’s gone. I want to help him remember how much fun it was to play with her. A part of me also wants to relieve him of the guilt he feels about the times that he didn’t play with her because he was busy with school work or Scouts — or because he chose instead to play the Wii. But I can’t do that, and I know I shouldn’t anyway. How else will he learn to deal with the same issues and questions when the next loss — inevitably a bigger one — comes? Mostly, I want him to know that despite the pain he’s feeling now, it was worth it to love Prairie with all of his heart.

Prairie, a true home companion (all of you Garrison Keillor fans know what I mean!). 🙂

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