2 Bigs + 4 Littles under 1 Midsize Roof = Life As We Know It
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Costumed Cuties—Halloween 2010

Kellen as a Union soldier—complete with a Dad-made musket.

Kerrick (a k a Mysterioso the magician).

Kennah (the cutest Raggedy Ann ever in a costume I made 12 years ago for her cousin).

Keillor as a super-cute superhero.

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1 Mary Goodwin { 11.02.10 at 8:33 am }

Once again you have captured each personality in the photos! Great costumes and imagination! Of course, you had the perfect models to work with. (Could this be a Grandma speaking)? It looks like fun was had by all.

2 Wendy { 11.03.10 at 9:28 am }

I so remember you making those Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes for Alissa and James! And I also remember you saying you were going to save them for your own kids someday. And that someday is already here and gone. (Sniff, sniff.) That musket is really cool!
How good did it feel to write “Work (Shawn)” on your daily list today? I”m so relieved for you guys! Can’t wait to see your post on how you made it all work….

3 Sonya Hemmings { 11.04.10 at 6:43 am }

Wendy, it was GREAT to write “Work (Shawn)”! Eventually, it’ll become mundane to mention, but for now, it’s a big deal. 🙂

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