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Summertime Style

Ever since her brothers got their summer haircuts in June (see Boys of Summer) and several of her friends began to sport shorter hair, Kennah has been talking about having her own hair cut. At first I resisted; after all, it had taken her tresses quite awhile to get to the middle of her back, and we’d only trimmed it once in her four and a half years (see Girls Just Wanna Have Fun). But after almost a month of daily swimming lessons and other pool fun, her blond locks were showing the effects of the chlorine and turning into a tangled, sticky mess. So this morning we did it! We made sure that we would still be able to pull her hair back into a ponytail or braid it at its shorter length, and then we started cutting. I hadn’t intended to go quite this short. I always forget that wet hair springs up a little as it dries (just ask my sisters, on whose bangs I grew up practicing my hair-cutting skills!). But Kennah is thrilled with it and even let me style it a bit with the blow drier and some hair clips. It’s a good thing I took this photo right away, though, because a few minutes after I did, I noticed that she had taken the hair clips out. 🙂

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1 Wendy { 07.23.10 at 1:54 pm }

Awww, the lil princess looks adorable! Nice job on the haircut, Sonya! The last time I let my sister cut Noelle’s bangs, she did this awful technique where she twists and then cuts the hair. Awful, just awful. Noelle thought she looked like Katy Perry, though–and to her, that was a GOOD thing. So I let it go. And decided to never trust someone with scissors who says, “Just watch, I do it this new way.”

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