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Boys of Summer

Kellen and Kerrick underwent their annual summer transformation yesterday (with Keillor joining in for the first time), when Shawn lined them up and sheared them down in the backyard. Usually, I’m the one who cuts the hair around here, but this head-shaving tradition falls squarely into their dad’s jurisdiction—a throwback to his Navy days, I guess. I do admire Shawn’s efficiency—he got three boys finished in the time it would take me to carefully cut one boy’s hair (and I noticed none of them uttered a single complaint about itchiness, either!). The boys all love their extremely short hair for several reasons: 1) It keeps them streamlined for swim team, which begins tomorrow; 2) it makes hair-washing a cinch; 3) it means they don’t have to comb their hair for the next few months. As for me, I’ll be glad when it’s time to let it all grow back. 🙂

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1 Dawn D. Sokol { 06.01.10 at 1:00 pm }

Cute! I’ll be glad when it’s time to let it all grow back, too, because that means the heat will be leaving us!

2 Sonya Hemmings { 06.01.10 at 10:03 pm }

Fo sho, Dawn! And speaking of CUTE! That avatar of yours is adorable! Been meaning to get over to your blog more. Gonna do it! And when Kennah gets a little older, I’m sure she’ll be all over your doodling books!

3 Wendy { 06.02.10 at 9:27 am }

Awww, they always look so much older with the summer boy cuts. Except for some reason, it makes Kellen look a little younger? He looks more like you every day, Kerrick is Shawn and Keillor and Kennah are a total mix of the two of you. I’m guessing the “princess” doesn’t get a summer cut? 🙂

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